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Because Cass is such an important asset for the Tarens and the Setari, she is constantly monitored and her freedom to come and go, limited. Because everything that she does and says is a matter of public interest and public safety, her life in Taren is one of constant struggle for privacy one of the reasons why her diary, written in English, is essential for Cass to maintain her sanity. Television shows are made about their lives, and gossip speculation runs rampant. This is a pressure point for other cultures, especially when the re colonization of Muina begins. The Awesome Friendships and Secondary Characters.

We LOVE the friendships she forms with other female characters Tauriel and Zan in particular , just as we love the totally platonic relationships she has with male characters especially Maze. The Romance. So that is it in a nutshell! Thank you, Thea and Ana! Cass herself, the romance, the secondary characters, the worldbuilding, the technology, what? So much Awesome, so hard to choose. Cass is so incredibly incomeptent at almost everything the Setari are good at, and I like that because it makes sense. Despite that, and despite her longing to go home, and the language barrier, she chooses to use the skills she does have to help the Tarens.

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And she initially sucks at that too, basically almost killing herself with her powers. It just rings so true. Cat, yes! I love how Cassandra starts off really bad at things like running up stairs and fighting and shooting and winds up still pretty bad at all of that. Those are ordinary kinds of strengths rather than mad skills, but so important. The strong role of the mass media, and the cult of celebrity, is played up very nicely. Some days I think this is the most impressive aspect of the books, full stop; some days I give the palm to….

But I have to admit that it does add an element of realism. And the repeated culture shock elements are very nicely done, e. In other words: We Love This Series. And here are the reasons why.

The penalty for buying Polynices, she reminds her, is death. Image Location. Antigone has been produced with support from Square Chapel Halifax to whom we are indebted. Jean Anouilh's play Antigone is a tragedy inspired by Greek mythology and the play of the same name Antigone, by Sophocles from the fifth century B. Variety propulse Antigone au sommet de nos plus grands espoirs.

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Assistant Director Tara Carlin. In the spring, we start out with Antigone in February, , Spring Awakening featuring our talented musical theatre students in early April and the Spring Dance Concert will wrap up the season at the end of April. We have sought an Antigone that captures the essence of Sophocles, and takes place at the end of civilisation in an asylum of the Mind. The new king, Creon, has decreed a state funeral for one of them, while the other must remain where he fell, prey to jackals and buzzards.

Ismene is prim and proper and always does the right thing. Antigone found Creon's law to be unjust, so she brook it knowing full well what the consequences are. UMD's Department of Theatre invites you to join our academically and artistically rigorous program.

While these plays appear to form a trilogy, each is the sole surviving play from three Play Antigone. Antigone is the final of Sophocles' BC three Theban plays. The Theban Plays. The resulting conflict ends in a bloodbath of suicides.

Haemon, Creon's son who was to marry Antigone, advises his father to reconsider his decision. It presents an argument between the rule of law and individual idealism, and shows us that there Antigone and Ismene are the sisters of the dead brothers, and they are now the last children of the ill-fated Oedipus. Creon has become king and decides that Polynices's body will not be buried but will be left to rot on the battlefield.

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Students perform Bumped Productions version of this Greek classic. C soco, Edinburgh 4 th — 30 th August I am an Emotional Creature.

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The interpretation, directed by Anastasia Revi, was fascinating, expansively dramatic and true in its delivery to the Greek tradition. This adaptation is based on an idea that I had about promoting social issues. Theater of War Productions presents readings of ancient and modern plays to spark discussion about a variety of social justice and public health issues.

Jean Anouilh adapted Greek playwright Sophocles' Antigone and paid homage to it by hitting most of the same story notes, but also made it his own by using it as an inspiration for anti-Nazi sentiment. It was first performed at the Chur Stadttheater in Switzerland in , with Brecht's second wife Helene Weigel, in the lead role. Featured Content. B CAST: Productions aod has earned a reputation for making Greek tragedy seriously sexy The Guardian and since we have built up an extensive track record of gripping and wholly accessible The Stage productions.

Focusing on on the revolution of idealistic young adults in societies which dictate their actions and emotions, this Hysterical Productions season explores the struggle to remain true to oneself in the by Sophocles translated by Anne Carson The country has a new leader. Ancient Greek tragedy, delivered by famed actors and community gospel singers, powerfully echoes violence and racism of today.

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Hamlet: Asalto a la Inocencia. The History of the Cambridge Greek Play. In Antigone the Chorus at times directly affects the action of the play. The bottom right hand side is Ismene's costume. She played Ophelia in a production of Hamlet and Electra directed by Spyros Evangelatos in Enraged by Antigone's refusal to submit to his authority, Creon declares that she and her sister will be put to death.

View page for schedule, production information, and tickets. They're probably old men because most of the young ones have just died in battle. Antigone By Sophocles What happens when personal conviction and state law clash, and violence ensues? A Fable. A time to scream. Young Antigone defies her uncle, the king, and faces the threat of execution to bury her disgraced brother. This translation, by Don Taylor, was commissioned by the BBC, and was first broadcast in autumn, The war is over and the city has a new leader what could possibly go wrong?

Shouts of glory and chivalry greet one brothers corpse, whilst shouts of hatred and disgust mock the other. Antigone wishes to bury her brother but Creon, the new leader has made it illegal. Sarah Stanek will play the role of Antigone. The original Antigone was written before B. Rule, order, power, women, mortality. Antigone - The play's tragic heroine. While we are talking about her performances and the actress as a whole, we want to now take you on a ride through a Liv Tyler bikini photo gallery. During the Antigone in Ferguson run, Harlem Stage, with deep roots in both the Harlem and broader artistic community, and Theater of War Productions will work closely with various partners to All eyes are on the city of Thebes.

Antigone by Jean Anouilh. Antigone One of the most enduring ancient tragedies presents universal questions of power and civic duty through a modern translation reflecting current political conflicts. Edinburgh-based theatre company. In an act of treason punishable by death, Antigone acts on her moral duty to bury her brother, defying the will of the ruthless King Creon. She challenges his decree that her traitorous brother should go unburied thereby condemning his soul to eternal unrest. Autour du spectacle.

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This production merges a physically rigorous methodology with a classical text performed in both English and ancient Greek by ANTIGONE also possesses a dynamic cut generator, which generates and handles locally and globally valid cuts. Of the three Theban plays. These two gods illustrate the diametrically opposed positions of Antigone and Creon. Six very different girls walk into a classroom with a simple task: to put Antigone on trial. An audition sign-up sheet will be posted Aug.

Dynamic study guides featuring detail on character, language, themes and context. Past productions. Twelfth Night. A civil war has nearly destroyed the land. In your darkest moment, would you act with your heart or your mind?

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Strong Coffee Stage is a professional physical theatre company dedicated to creating compelling live performance. COinS Antigone is just one of seven plays that have survived from the many plays Sophocles wrote during his lifetime. Websites, articles, videos, and images. Oscar winner Juliette Binoche plays the title role in Ivo van Hove's production of the classic Greek tragedy.