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Tough As Nails #5 (HS) – Truth and Grace

If he encouraged all Americans to buy American cars, he might have an impact. That is the power that I think he has. Even with things just as practical as that. I think that guy has the power to have a real effect on us as a country. You can never anticipate who she is going to be.

I think she gets to play lots of different roles. Even in her job, I think the job encourages her to role-play with people; to figure out who she is in order to get information from people. That's just one aspect. The thing that lures me in the most is the relationship she has with her own self, which I think is very conflicted, very passionate, very uncensored. She has a large soul. There's a lot or raw emotion there, and you certainly bring it out well.

Was that one of the reasons you said yes to the role? I was really impressed with the fact that the character had three dimensions, especially with procedurals, I think the thing that can take precedent is the crime, the environment. In this show it's the characters that are going to keep me captivated for a long time. I've always been a little choosy, but I have to say that when I read it, I said to myself, "I don't care if this is a movie, a miniseries, a television show, or whatever.

I don't want anybody else to play this part! Well, you're also executive producer.

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How much of say do you get in story development or the story arcs that we see? Grace is her creation, and I trust her. She has extraordinary instincts and she assembles a beautiful staff of writers that are very imaginative. Sometimes I have an idea or tell them something I'd like to explore, but for the most part those guys do what they are going to do.

7 People in Your Life You Need to Watch Grace and Frankie With

I think the show is finding itself all the time. It's kind of a complicated show to put up. It's working on a lot of different levels, and I think the show continues to get stronger as we go on. Overall, the show's a big hit. What do you think viewers are connecting to?

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I don't know. I can never anticipate what viewers are connecting with. I connect with all of her, really. I think that it's essential that the connection begins with oneself. If you are playing a part, it has to start there. It can't start with some outside result that I am thinking about or how people perceive this. It has to start with me. And I think it's one of the reasons the show has some honesty, because it begins with Nancy Miller, when she started writing the character. And then it transfers to the actors. All of the actors have a genuine hookup with who they are playing -- a genuine curiosity.

That's a good thing. Now, about the spirituality aspect of the show, I would imagine that taking on a role about tough gal who is guided by a gruff angel named Earl, that you yourself might be a bit introspective. Are you? I mean, do you ponder deep questions or even believe that angels are out there Well, I certainly consider myself a spiritual person.

I mean, I think that acting can be a spiritual thing and anybody who is endeavoring to create -- being a mother, being a father -- those are spiritual roles that we can have in life if that's how we think about them, and I do. I don't really believe in literal angels, but I certainly believe in people that guide us. You have to be open to be guided. But there are mentors for us. There are teachers. I think in a way those people can absolutely be considered angels.

I usually get a "sign" or an interesting bit of synchronicity or sequence of events. Yeah, you know, I think that's kind of undeniable. There is an energy that we all contribute to. What more can we expect in the March episodes? Christina Ricci has signed on as a fellow detective for a story arc. It's fantastic to have her. Nancy wrote it with her in mind. She has a very unique energy as an actress.

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And I have been admiring her for a long time, and it's been great to work opposite of her. But you know, I think we'll be seeing something about forgiveness. I think it's kind of fascinating between Grace and Leon, the death-row inmate.

Nancy Grace is leaving her network home of the past 12 years.

It's explored more. That's an interesting relationship, as are all of them. The show continues to grow. I think the last episodes of the second season are just fantastic. I think the show has traction now.

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Don't know. They are working on that right now. The writers are in the writers' room right this second, spinning out these imaginary tales about Grace. I am very excited about that. Grace comes from me and only me, just like all characters that actors play. They come from them. And only them. She is definitely very tough. But I also think that she is very fragile.

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She is many things. Do you think the writers would ever consider an LGBT story line at some point in the future? That might be interesting. A time to stay silent and a time to speak. So says Solomon, the wisest man in the world Ecclesiastes In a recent blog post , I told you about my experience in a hospital ICU waiting room where I learned to bring peace to a tense family conversation by staying silent and invisible. But I started my story by telling you why I was in that hospital waiting room in the first place.

Take the time the airplane captain announced we were in for some heavy turbulence while we pushed toward a comfortable cruising altitude. My seatmate, a something-year-old man, spent the next fifteen minutes clenching his fists and swearing under his breath.

A jolt sent my body sideways. The turbulence was unpleasant. The terror that my next breath might be filled with fumes and choking smoke as we go down in flames. Yet, as the plane ascended into the power charged clouds, my mind finally connected with why I did not need to fear the turbulence. Belief in creation is useful for more than college dormitory debates. Creationism does have a practical takeaway. Believing in a God of creation is fundamental to my choice to not be afraid.

If God has the power to create an expansive universe, then He has equal power to alter His creation. He made the towering thunderheads. He designed the invisible wind and energy that surges through the hangers of air pockets where our airplane resided. Can I not then believe that He is able to alter the course of nature in order to protect me or keep at bay the power that could rip our man-made airplane to shreds? If I buy into evolution theory, I will believe in random chance.