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And thirdly, the information and participation of the population remain inadequate and would need to be strengthened to make decentralization and political liberalization work. Suggested Citation: Suggested Citation.

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Copy URL. Decentralisation in Morocco. Abstract In reaction to the political unrest of , the government and King of Morocco promised comprehensive political change; in particular, the decentralisation reform was intended to enhance the political participation of the population and make the work of state institutions more efficient and transparent. Register to save articles to your library Register. Mouvement Social , [Details]. Modern and Contemporary France , 6 3 [Details]. Stirling French Publications , 5 [Details]. Maghreb Review , 19 Feb [Details].

Cameroon: Impasse in Democratic Politics Threatens Nation's Future

Parcours , [Details]. Oxford: Peter Lang. Dine, P. Toronto, Canada: University of Toronto Press.

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Forest management and biodiversity - France at a crossroads. Abstract Abstract. Some steps forward have been made, especially in terms of protected areas both in overseas and mainland France, development of certification schemes and decentralisation.

Mouellé Kombi, Narcisse 1962-

However, the emergence of the climate issue and the reduction in public funds and human resource allocations, among other reasons, slowed down the expected improvements. The and storms highlighted the low resilience of the dominant silvicultural model. In the area of climate change, short-term mitigation policies tend to overshadow guidelines aimed at long term adaptation and call on a partial approach that does not take into account the forest ecosystem as a whole.

In fact, France's commitments in respect of the EU and the resolutions that arose from the Grenelle consultations have strongly reintroduced the question of increasing wood harvesting into public debate, creating sharp new tensions in many forests, especially public ones.

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This article is a review of 10 years of debate and practice relating to the introduction of biodiversity concerns into forest management in France. Decentralization in Asia and Latin America : towards a comparative interdisciplinary perspective,. Publishing, p.

Corsican nationalism

DARCY dir. An Invitation, p.

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An Invitation, op. III ; A. Free download. Book file PDF easily for everyone and every device.