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We have almost lists of words from topics as varied as types of butterflies, jackets, currencies, vegetables and knots! Amaze your friends with your new-found knowledge! Take a boat? Javier Abud , November 7, As of Read on to find out more about the new improvements, and our motivation and considerations. The correct detection of the project state is what the Asset Import Pipeline is responsible for while allowing you to query for this state through various APIs. In , the Asset Import Pipeline rewrite work began to pave the way towards a more robust and scalable approach, while also addressing a number of pain points reported by you in your daily workflows.

With Unity Older projects can choose to upgrade to the new Asset Import Pipeline to get the benefits of this new system. Now is a good time to share some of the thinking behind the new pipeline. Specifically, we want to share the considerations taken to make sure the new system is compatible with the existing APIs so that scripts will not have to be re-written when upgrading to the new Asset Import Pipeline.

Solid Foundation

There are numerous workflows that are part of a daily development cycle. We have identified the most time-consuming issues and have implemented solutions for them. Importing assets can take a long time.

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Converting the source data to a format that the Unity Editor, or a platform, is ready to utilize is not a trivial process. For example, importing a complex 3D model requires a large number of computations, and when combined with animation this time can quickly grow.

A Solid Foundation for the Future

To address this there are 3 key concepts which need to be addressed as part of the solution:. With most types of assets, Unity needs to convert the data from the source file, depending on the target platform for your projects. This is because most file formats are optimized to save storage, whereas in a game or any other real-time application, the asset data needs to be in a format ready for immediate use by hardware, such as the CPU, graphics, or audio hardware.

This imported version is what is used by the Texture class in the engine, and uploaded to the GPU for real-time display. This is referred to as the Import Result. The principle of getting the same output for a given input is what we call determinism. The Asset Import Pipeline keeps track of all the dependencies for each asset and keeps a cache of the imported versions of all the assets. There are different situations where importing can take a long time. This means that every asset in the assets folder needs to be enumerated and imported by the Asset Import Pipeline. This is naturally an expensive operation.

However, by ensuring that our import process is deterministic and stable across machines, the time it takes to retrieve import results can be reduced by many orders of magnitude, depending on the size of the Source Asset and the size of the Import Result. We achieve this by using the new Unity Accelerator which caches import results on the cloud from anyone who is connected to it, thus allowing you to directly download the import results from a server rather than having to go through the heavy processing which importing an asset would entail.

Up until Unity Thus, switching from a platform to another platform would invalidate the Import Result in the Library folder, causing it to be re-imported every time you switch platforms. If you had to switch back and forth between platforms multiple times per day, this could easily take up hours, depending on your project size.

Since dependencies for a particular Asset are tracked, we are able to Hash them all together to create a revision for the Import Result of an Asset. Not having this requirement allows us to have Import Results which work across different configurations. For Fast Platform Switching, we could have an Import Result per platform, so that when you switch platforms back and forth the Import Result is already there, thus making the platform switch many orders of magnitude faster than with the Asset Import Pipeline V1.

As you make changes to assets, Unity generates a number of new files that will get generated.

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This will take up more storage space on your disk. However, the way we have decided to approach this issue is to remove unused Import Results when Unity restarts. We keep track of the latest import result per platform so that Fast Platform Switching can still take place while older Import Results are removed, thus helping you free up some of your disk space.

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  5. The new Asset Import Pipeline is available with Unity Selecting Version 2 will tell the editor you now want to use the new Asset Import Pipeline together with this project, and restarting your project will re-import it using the new Asset Import Pipeline code. This essentially has the same effect as deleting your Library folder, but without deleting it. When opening such a project in Unity If you decline, your project will continue using the original Asset Import Pipeline.

    Furthermore, the selected version is stored in the EditorSettings. When creating a new Project with Unity All new projects you create will be using it. At Unite Copenhagen , our team presented two talks. My talk is a general introduction to the topics covered in this blog post and can guide your decision-making for your own Asset Management strategies. My colleague Jonas Drewsen talked about the upcoming features directed towards making the asset pipeline more extensible and ensuring project stability:. Get the Unity You can also get in touch with me on Twitter if you have further questions.

    Switching versioned branches is part of my daily work too. Is the new pipeline able to speed this up?

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    When becomes an import result unused? Hi Peter, An import result becomes unused when it is not the latest revision. When switching platforms for the first time, we naturally have to re-import the project since the Platform is in itself an import dependency.